Serpent's Skull A chance shipwreck in pirate-infested waters sets the heroes on a chase to discover a lost city in the jungles of the treacherous Mwangi Expanse! Factions like the Pathfinder Society and the Red Mantis assassin league are also on the hunt to discover the city's forgotten secrets, terrible revelations that could awaken a sleeping god and bring doom to the world of Golarion!

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PASSENGER COMPARTMENT DVD entertainment system (if so equipped) (P. 4-89) Moonroof (if so equipped) (P. 2-50) Map lights (P. 2-53) Sun visors (P. 3-24) HomeLink universal transceiver (if so equipped) (P. 2-53) Glove box (P. 2-39) Front seats (P. 1-2) 2nd row seats (-10) 3rd row seats (P.

The $43,000 Grand Cherokee Laredo and $44,525 CX-9 Classic also have similar kit levels, so the costliest entry-level models here need to justify their up-front expense in other ways.

Pathfinder - Fifth ElementPathfinder - Fifth ElementPathfinder - Fifth ElementPathfinder - Fifth Element