On the 4th of January 1966 the Israeli postal service aired for the first time television in Israel. The purpose of the broadcast was to try the broadcasting devices and to make a reception quality check of picture and sound in different areas of the country.
A special machine was built especially for the broadcast constructed from a simple overhead projector (the one used for school lectures) connected to a television broadcaster.
A technician stood next to the projector and replaced newspaper photos of different people, sites and national events every 30 seconds followed by sounds and music.
The program, that lasted 30 minutes, ended with of a photo of an Israeli army missile battery and was followed by the Tchaikovsky’s - 1812 Overture where real cannons played as instruments.
During the first few minutes of the show a fly flu, accidentally, between one of the photos and the projector and viewers could see it flying across the screen.
A voice of a reporter asked viewers to report on the quality of the broadcast by sending letters to the station giving them a mailing address. Many people responded but one of the viewers, a woman, wrote and asked for one of the photos in which, as she claimed, recognized her self and her daughter picking flowers.
It was actually the photographer’s wife and daughter.
One of the fears that arose by the government regarding the broadcast television was how to prevent the risk of Israeli children being exposed to Arab television that used the same channels to broadcast it’s own shows.

The Israeli television archive holds no documentation of this show. All the information about the broadcast was found in newspaper articles written around the time of the broadcast and stories told of people who were involved in the production.
By reconstructing the event that signified the beginning of the television era in Israel intends to reveal the moment which reflects the way people in Israel perceived themselves as a society and a culture at the time and how people understood the role of television.

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