As time went on, I realised I was following in my Dad's footsteps: like him I was often away from home and touring the world surrounded by a huge crew, only he had medals and I had gold discs. But when I was at home, Angie, the kids and I enjoyed a lot of sport together. It bonded us in a way that I'd never been able to bond with Dad: with him there was no shared language. He'd always ask me how work was going and he read all our press – he even came to concerts, making sure his gunnery earplugs were firmly in place first – but would never just pick up the phone for a chat. I was as bad.

Word of Mouth was the 1991 release and the lead single was the title track featuring Paul Young on lead vocals. It is a great sing-a-long pop song and with a typical Rutherford signature guitar solo it did well on the UK charts, but could only make the lower reaches of the Hot 100. ‘Everybody Gets A Second Chance’ was the third single from the album and it has a great Carrack lead vocal.

It was four years before the next Mike + The Mechanics album when in 1995 Beggar On A Beach of Gold was released. The Rutherford/Carrack composition, ‘Over My Shoulder’ was the lead single from the album and it made on the UK chart and did well across Europe. They followed it with the album’s title track, with a Paul Young vocal. We’ve also chosen the wonderfully titled, ‘The Ghost of Sex and You’; it’s a song that fully lives up to the title with a great Carrack vocal and an exquisite Rutherford guitar cameo.

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I woke up this morning and there was something really weighing on my mind, but I couldn't figure out what. So during my morning bowel movement, I decided to take a few serene minutes to reflect on my overall personal life and conclude what is bothering me - It just had to be that Team5 never established official rules to designing a hearthstone card with the ability 'copy'. No idea how I've gotten through the last 3+ years of my life without knowing this tidbit of information. Then suddenly, out of the blue today my biggest crisis in life is solved. I now know that during the design process of the next expansion, I know what Team5 knows regarding the rules to a card with the copy ability, Not sure what's next in life for me now that I have this piece of information. 

Further members, Peter Van Hook (drums), Adrian Lee (keyboards) and a selection of session players joined the fold, and work began apace on recording what would become the band's first release.
Mike & the Mechanics' self titled debut was released in 1985, and was quickly carried to success with the album's first two singles, "Silent Running (On Dangerous Ground)" & "All I Need Is a Miracle". Both went top 40 in America, with "Silent Running" charting at number 21, and "All I Need Is A Miracle" reaching 5th place. Strangely the UK releases saw a reversal of fortunes, with "Silent Running" hitting the number 6 slot, and "All I Need Is A Miracle" getting a comparatively poor 53rd 1 .
The three singles which were released, were accompanied by a trilogy of music videos, which, from "All I Need Is A Miracle" on, charted the bands hapless manager (played by the delightful Roy Kinnear) as he attempts to keep the band out of trouble.

Paul Carrack did it when we recorded it, thinking that he whistles where the solo will be – the guitar solo or saxophone. He thought, I’ll whistle now and then we’ll put an instrument playing the solo. I said, “Sounds great.” And we kept it, to his surprise.

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Mike and The Mechanics A Beggar On A Beach Of GoldMike and The Mechanics A Beggar On A Beach Of GoldMike and The Mechanics A Beggar On A Beach Of GoldMike and The Mechanics A Beggar On A Beach Of Gold